Make your life easier with Google Home skills

Since its last update in September 2021, Google Home, now known as Google Nest, offers a wide range of skills and features that make life easier. Note, however, that the platform may have evolved since then. Here are some ways Google Nest can help simplify your life.

Smart home control:

Google Nest allows you to control various smart home devices with your voice. You can turn lights on and off, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and even control devices like smart plugs and smart switches.

Set reminders and alarms.

Google Nest lets you set reminders for tasks, appointments, and important events. You can also set alarms to wake you up in the morning or at other specific times.

Calendar and event management:

Google Nest syncs with your Google Calendar so you can see your schedule, add events, and get reminders for upcoming appointments and tasks.

Weather updates:

You can ask Google Nest for weather forecasts, current conditions and even weather-related alerts to plan your day accordingly.

Listen to news and podcasts:

Stay connected by asking Google Nest to play the latest news from trusted sources. You can also enjoy your favorite podcasts and audiobooks.

Cooking and Recipe Aids:

Google Nest helps you cook by providing step-by-step recipes and cooking timers. You can also convert units, inquire about alternatives, and get nutritional information.

Shopping and to-do list:

Create shopping lists and to-do lists with your voice, then store and manage them in Google Nest.

Language translation:

To facilitate communication in different languages, Google Nest will help with translations as needed.

Calculators and conversions:

Need a quick math or conversion? Contact Google Nest for the information you’re looking for.

General knowledge and facts:

Google Nest is a powerful search tool for general knowledge, historical facts and quizzes.

Play games and trivia:

Enjoy Google Nest with games, quizzes, and trivia challenges.

Routine Before Bed:

You can set a customized bedtime routine by dimming the lights, adjusting the thermostat, playing soothing sounds and setting your morning alarm.

Meditation and Relaxation:

Google Nest guides you through meditation sessions and relaxation exercises to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. 14. Find your mobile phone. If you misplace your phone and it’s connected to the same Google Account, you can ask Google Nest to find it.

Media and Entertainment Management:

Google Nest lets you control media playback on compatible devices like Chromecast, play videos, movies and music with voice commands. 

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